Payout Politics

Payout Politics

Payment Schedule:

Payment Amount:
We are paying 100% WAVES(95% to leasers, 5% to holders of BoxiNode)
BoxiNode: Currently 25 per block distribute among all leasers. BoxiNode distribution will be decreased with time same as payment to BoxiNode holders will be increaesed. The next step is 10 BoxiNode per block and 90/10 payments on 1 January 2021.

Last Update: 17 September 2020

BoxiNode Token

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The offical token of


Name: BoxiNode
Token ID: ​EgdXZCDja5H54dQqvY1GbJEjJ4TzpNtBsj45m1UmQFa2
Supply:​ 10,000,000 (ten million tokens)
Decimals:​ 3
Re-issuable: ​no (no inflation)

How to get? Buy at Waves DEX. Or lease to node, address: 3P2cC7cwEwnz4z6RFyx7DWnWCtTHBcaL53P. We distribute 50 BoxiNode per mined block.


Total Supply: 10,000,000
Team: 1,000,000
Initial Investor: 2,000,000
For promotions: 1,000,000
Airdrop to lessors: 5,000,000
Initial coin offering: 1,000,000 tokens.
1 stage: by price 0.002 WAVES per token till 30 October.
2 stage: by price 0.003 WAVES per token till 30 November.
3 stage: by price 0.004 WAVES per token till 30 December.

DEX exchange:  All WAVES from ICO will be used to promote pool.

Bonuses of Token

For hold at least 1000 BoxiNode you will get 5% of WAVES fees earnings