Payment 18 – BoxiNode

Hello Leasers! We thank all those who leasing their TN to the BoxiNode. We are paying 90%(80% to leasers, 10% to holders of BTN) of the reward for the blocks generated by our node in TN and bonus – BoxiTurtleNode. Payment from 7 October till 21 October(or in blocks from 237438 till 268149).

Also I need to change payment policy from weekly to monthly because I can’t handle weekly payments, sorry. So, the next payment will be on 21 November(For the period from 21 October till 21 November). Thanks again everyone for support

64 payments:
114.61 of TN was paid
30700 of BoxiTurtleNode was paid

Payment to Holders!

For TN

Other main information:

  • Updates – node have 3,2 million TN leased. +400,000 since last payment
  • Node on Waves Platform launchedWaves BoxiNode
  • Still working on updates for BTN holders, some new features for holders are coming! – in progress
  • And still working on integration between 2 pools: this one and the one, which on Waves Platform. Thinking under bonus for those, who will lease to both pools and integration between them
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