Payment 11. Some info about BTN – BoxiNode

Hello leasers! We thank all those who leasing their TN to the BoxiNode. Today we made a payout and described our token a little bit.

52 payments this week
91.70 of TN was paid!
10617 of BoxiTurtleNode was paid!

For TN

Other main information:

  • BoxiTurtleNode(BTN)
  • BoxiNode’s pool created 10.000.000 of BoxiTurtleNode (BTN):
    No. Of token Issuance: 10.000.000
    ID: ExbYSuz4DZwf9grp3K8s3CSbNtE9fob2DtTKgbLGFXsJ
    Decimals: 3
    Name: BoxiTurtleNode
    Reissuable: No

    BoxiTurtleNode (BTN) is a token that represents lessors loyalty to the node: a lessor will earn more TN tokens the mode have its BTN:

    Currently distribution of 10 BTN Token is happening for each forged block.

  • Advantages given by BTN to its owners
  • Rewarding more loyal lessors as follows:
    -10% for node, 10% for holders of BTN(to get this bonus you need to have minimum 100 BTN), 80% for leasers
    -If you hold more than 5k BTN you automatically become a premium user on TN faucet

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