Payment #10 – BoxiNode

Hello leasers! We thank all those who leasing their TN to the BoxiNode. We are paying 90% of the reward for the blocks generated by our node in TN and bonus – BoxiTurtleNode.

52 payments this week:
76.1504404 of TN was paid!
9077.528 of BoxiTurtleNode was paid!

For TN

Other main information:

  • First of all – Thank you so much to everyone. Node now have 3,24 million TN leased!
  • Now about some updates and algorithms of payment. It must be opened to everyone. So, as you know we’re paying additional 10% of earned fees for holding BTN. But to get this bonus you need to hold at least 100 BTN!. Also, if you’re not leasing you need to earn at least 0.002 TN to get reward. And about getting BTN, BTN can be obtained by you, only if you earn more than 1 BTN. The full script of payment you can find here
  • About future plans. In near future I plan to launch online-store based on Turtle Network. You will be able to buy with TN any stuff like a t-shirts, souvenirs and so on.
    Also planning to launch simple CPA model based on rewards in TN and other cryptocurrencies.

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