Node updates. Airdrop, BTN buyback and more – BoxiNode

Hello. As you can see there weren’t payments for a long time(for half a year). I had some problems, but everything is okay now and I’m ready to make the best leasing options for you! And first of all, I have a few wonderful news.

Airdrop as generating balance will be reached. The first goal is 2,000,000 TN leased. As only this goal will be reached:
10 TN will be airdropped to every leaser with 10000 or more TN lease amount
100 TN will to every leaser with 100000 or more TN lease amount

BoxiTurtleNode buyback and burn program
During next year(till July 2020) every week will be bought back 10% of node earnings due to market price(minimum 0.1 TN for 1 BTN). All this bought back BTN will be burned.

New merchandise in shop
In near future will be added new merch to the shop. Will be announced later.

Market support
Soon will be activated market making bot in pair BTN/TN

Sponsorship activation
Soon you will be available pay for the fees with BTN – 10 BoxiTurtleNode for one transaction