BoxiNode – Leasing TN. Faucets on Turtle Network blockchain


Address for leasing:


For maximizing revenues for our lessors we pay BTN additional to TN. Currently 20 BTN per block.
Turtle Network
Turtle Network is a decentralized network with real world solutions running on blockchain. Turtle Network will offer: Decentralized Exchange, Easy Creation of Custom Tokens, Bitcoin, Altcoin
LPOS(Mining TN)
We are providing a node on the Turtle Network. You can start leasing if you have TN in your wallet. TN, which you leased are always by your control, you can always stop leasing. Node does not control your TN, so there is no any risk. Your balance is counting as generating after 1000 blocks. After this our node generating transfer fees with your balance and you will earn TurtleNode and node's tokens - BoxiTurtleNode. The more our node balance and your balance, the more your rewards. We are helping you earn more TN and making the Turtle Network stable, in an easy way.
Rewards distribution due to data below. So, rewards can scale with time. Increase/decrease
Fees to lessors
Fees to BTN holders
Fees holded by a node

Latest News

Main news of our node. Such as payments, some updates about distribution or BoxiTurtleNode token. Also last updates and other usefull stuff you can find in telegram channel - BoxiNode or Twitter
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BoxiTurtleNode Token

Main information of token you can find in stats of Turtle Network wallet. Currently our node have more than 2 million leased TurtleNode and 5 million our node's token, which was't distributed. If to hurry up you can still get it. BTN have limited issue - 10 million. After one year we will begin buy them back and burn. Tokens will be distributed 5kk(during 20 years). Also node's token allows to:
Get Rewards for Hold
10% of fees earned by a node distribute proportional to BTN holders. You need to hold at least 100 BTN
Since our token was launched in Turtle Network you can use our token for tipping via telegram bot.
Services and Merch
At the moment you can buy such services as airdrop, set up a node, establish your token faucet. Contact:

Frequently asked questions

How to start leasing?

First you need create a wallet in Turtle Network and transfer some TN. Then in wallet go to leasing page, enter this address: 3Jpvn18jmJggMkUp6amy16JCcvYuttf3rPT and the amount, which you want to lease.

What will be the profit?

Profit is different on every week. The rewards comes from the founded blocks by node. Also it much depends on number of transactions

What airdrops I can get?

Other projects can distribute some of it's tokens to our leasrs . Also we have a faucet, where also will be tokens of other projects.

How often are payouts?

Every week.

Is there a minimum to start leasing?

No. But you need at least 0.02 TN to pay for leasing fee.

How to get support

The fastest and easiest way to contact us is via our Telegram group:

Message us

And we will get in touch as soon as possible.